Key to the MBTA’s Sustainability program is the ways and degrees to which the MBTA uses its resources and talented workforce to contribute to the overall social health and well being of the communities in which we serve. As part of the MBTA’s Sustainability program, the MBTA seeks to do more than to move people, but to become a part of the communities that we serve and to enhance their well-being. The MBTA continually works with our host communities to help them meet their sustainability objectives.


Farmers' Markets in the Boston Area

When grocery stores are not conveniently located within urban neighborhoods, it requires residents to travel outside of their neighborhoods to access nutritious foods. Without a vehicle, people must walk, bike, rely on family or friends, or hire a car to take them to the grocery store. With Farmers Markets directly adjacent to or easily walkable to MBTA stations and key bus routes, the MBTA can provide access to these important community resources and provide more of our customers with the ability to access healthy food.  

The MBTA has worked with local community Farmer’s Markets to promote and facilitate their events in a number of ways. The MBTA has assisted the markets either by providing space for the market, free parking, or the markets are strategically located near a public transit stop.

The map below shows locations of farmers’ markets that can be accessed by taking an MBTA rapid transit train, commuter train or bus. The map lists the address, transportation alternatives, time of year, days and times, and whether they accept special coupons or vouchers such as EBT-SNAP, WIC or senior discounts.

Farmers Markets have become an integral part of over 250 communities in Massachusetts, including over 50 such markets within the Route 128 loop. For decades the MBTA has provided transit access on Saturday at Haymarket in downtown Boston, which is now the site of the year round Boston Market,
an indoor, year round marketplace where people can find fresh, seasonal and local food from 40 New England farmers, fishers, and food entrepreneurs. This year Roslindale Village Farmers Market will be its 32nd season. The market is open rain or shine every Saturday during a 26-week season beginning on June 1st. The MBTA provides free parking at the MBTA parking lot at South Street and Belgrade Avenue.    


The MBTA appreciates the need for farmers markets and the advantage for both customers and farmers. The farmers have access to more customers and markets, while the customers have access to fresh food and a more healthy diet. Working with Farmer’s Markets is another way the MBTA can be more sustainable with existing resources.