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Awareness Campaign Dubbed "Groundbreaking"

Start Date: 4/15/2008

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 General Manager Daniel Grabauskas briefs the news media on the new public awareness campaign.

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“This campaign is groundbreaking.  The MBTA is taking bold steps to address this problem,” said Gina Scaramella, Executive Director, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, who joined MBTA General Manager Daniel Grabauskas and Acting Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan in launching a public service campaign designed to increase awareness of sexual harassment on trains and buses, and encourage victims to report such incidents.

In conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a series of public awareness displays began appearing on MBTA buses and trains on Monday, April 14th.

“Hundreds of thousands of people use a variety of MBTA services every single day… and like other segments of our society, public transportation is not immune from behavior that is not only uncivil, but in some cases, unlawful,” said General Manager Grabauskas.

“It’s important that everyone feel safe while traveling in buses, subway cars, trolleys, and commuter rail coaches,” said Acting Chief MacMillan.  “If someone is harassing or assaulting you, the MBTA and its Transit Police Department want you to tell us about it.  Please do not hesitate to report such incidents, and please do not be shy about asking for help.”

Customers are urged to report inappropriate behavior by calling Transit Police at (617) 222-1212.

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