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Article Dated: 2/3/2014

Quincy parents say MBTA workers saved their son's life

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Photo Credit: Susana Hey, MBTA

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Photo Credit: Susana Hey, MBTA

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Photo Credit: Susana Hey, MBTA

MBTA CSA Karen Kane, Trish Bossart, MBTA Instructor Tomas Gonzales &Bob Bossart (Photo Credit: Susana Hey, MBTA)
BOSTON – Last week, 24 year old Kevin Bossart collapsed atthe Wollaston Red Line station while on his way to work. He has a preexistingheart condition that caused him to suffer sudden cardiac arrest, pass out andfall down the stairs and strike his head.  MBTA Customer Service Agent(CSA) Karen Kane, saw him and got Tomas Gonzales, an MBTA Training SchoolInstructor that teaches CPR, to rush over and begin administering CPR. InspectorGonzales performed CPR while an ambulance was on its way. Kevin had CPRperformed on him for about 45 minutes by Inspector Gonzales, Quincy Fire &Fallon Ambulance before being able to be transported to Quincy Medical Center.Inspector Gonzales does not normally staff Wollaston Station, but was on handthat day to help with cold-weather issues.
Quincy Fire responded and transported him to Quincy Medical Center and later toBrigham & Women’s Hospital, where his father, Bob, says doctors credit the“quality” of the CPR that Inspector Gonzales administered with saving his son’slife. Kevin remains in critical condition at and has a long road ahead of himbut his family wanted to meet Instructor Gonzales and CSA Karen Kane to thankthem for helping their son, who will celebrate his 25th birthday next month.
Kevin’s brother, Jeffrey, also happened to start his training at the MBTATransit Police Academy today, on his way to becoming a Quincy Police Officer.
Friends of Kevin have established a fund to help defray medical costs.Donations can be made here:

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