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Meeting DateDecember 17, 2013
Meeting Time4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Subject of MeetingCANCELED: RIDE Policy Changes Public Meeting
Location10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA Conference Rooms 1-2-3
MBTA AttendeesAll
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Due to weather conditions this meeting has been canceled.

A public meeting is being held to inform users of THE RIDE of a proposed No-Show, Late Cancellation policy to be implemented Spring of 2014 under the ADA and US DOT regulations 49 CFR 37.125(h) and to receive comment from customers. All members of the public are invited to attend. Comments on the proposed policy will be accepted in writing (US Mail, or email) at the address noted at the end of this advisory and in writing or orally at the meeting.

Passenger no-show trips and late cancellations negatively affect RIDE customers and cause inefficiency within the transit system by creating unnecessary detours. Based on customer requests to consider a policy designed to deter repeated no-shows, the MBTA worked closely with customers, activists and experts that comprise the Access Advisory Committee to the MBTA to develop this policy. AACT and the MBTA support this draft policy and look forward to receiving public comment and advice.

Copies of the policy may also be obtained by calling 617-222-1550 and leaving a clear and concise voice mail with your name and mailing address: or by mail at 10 Park Plaza, Suite 5750, Boston, MA 02116; by TTY at (617) 222-5415; by fax at (617) 222-6119; or by email to Copies are free of charge and upon request and will be made available in accessible formats.

THE RIDE No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy:  PDF | Word

MBTA meeting locations are accessible to people with disabilities and via public transportation. Assistive-listening devices are available at the meeting site. Every effort will be made to provide other accommodations, such as materials in accessible formats or particular languages, upon advance request. To make such requests, please utilize the contact info above. American Sign Language Interpreters (ASL) will be available at the meeting.

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