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Blue Hill Avenue Station

The Blue Hill Avenue Station in the Mattapan section of Boston will have greater visibility than the other stations on the Fairmount Corridor. This particular station will be located between Blue Hill Avenue and Cummins Highway overpasses. A new commuter rail station at this location will provide a fast single seat access to downtown Boston.

In an effort to address abutting resident’s concerns, this station design will be unique in that it will consist of a single 800-foot long high-level center-island platform in order to facilitate direct platform-to-coach boarding. In redesigning the station, the platform will still include the amenities provided in the conventional opposing platform design. The platform will include detectable warning strips, new canopies, passenger shelters, benches/windscreens, wayfinding signage, graphic panels, a train approach warning system, variable message signs, and high non-glare lighting. The station will also be equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance cameras, police emergency call box systems, and public telephones. There are vacant parcels of land in the immediate area that could possibly provide minimal parking and a drop-off/pickup area.

The topography of the station site is relatively flat and the track structure is on a tangent section of the line. Platform access points will be constructed from both the Cummins Highway and Blue Hill Avenue overpasses.

Constructing new concrete ramps and sloped walkways will provide full access to the center-island platform for all passengers.

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