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Wollaston Station Improvements and Quincy Center Garage Demolition


Work includes design services for comprehensive improvements at Wollaston Station. The primary goal of this project is to enhance system accessibility by adding customer routes to and from the station platform in accordance with ADAAG. Enhancements include adding elevators, and addressing stairs, doors, restrooms, signage, lightning and other facilities and systems. In addition, the design services will include a solution to the flooding problems in the lobby. Improvements will address compliance with all applicable codes including the Massachusetts State Building Code and NFPA 130. Along with code-required egress upgrades, the project includes new electrical, fire protection, security, and site utility upgrades to support the accessible improvements.

Construction Contract A47CN01 Wollaston Station Improvements and Quincy Center Garage Demolition was awarded to Joint Venture: LM Heavy Civil Construction, LLC. and Cooperativa Muratori & Cementisti - CMC di Ravenna on June 20,2017 in the amount of $67,867,000. The Notice to Proceed (NTP) was given on June 30, 2017. The station closure will begin in the Fall of 2017. The Station will re-open to the public in the summer of 2019 with final completion slated for Winter of 2020.

Work on the Wollaston Station Improvements includes but is not limited to removal of existing canopy, removal of existing platform, construction of Parking Lot Headhouse, construction of Platform Headhouse, construction of Bridge over inbound Red Line tracks connecting Parking Lot Headhouse to Platform Headhouse, construction of new Platform, construction of new Platform Canopy, construction of new Center Platform Stair, construction of new South Platform Stair, installation of 3 elevators, installation of 2 escalators, Station Lobby improvements, Newport Avenue Entrance with Ramp and Stairs, and Parking Lot improvements. The Contract allows for the closure of Wollaston Station (with trains traveling through the closed station) for 20 consecutive months. Buses will provide shuttle service between Wollaston Station and North Quincy stations during the 20 months of the closure.

Work at Quincy Center Garage includes complete demolition of garage levels 3, 4 and 5; partial demolition of two stair towers, ramp from level 2 to level 3, the helical ramp, and elevator/stair tower; maintaining operations of station lobby, Red Line and commuter rail platforms, electrical substation and electrical rooms under the first level ramp; temporary relocation of bus service, including installation of temporary bus shelters, bus starter’s booth and temporary relocation of security cameras; replacement of Elevator 810 between the station lobby and Red Line platform, including construction of a new elevator control room located on the Red Line platform; removal of all equipment associated with elevator No. 871; site clearing; hazardous materials abatement; temporary overhead protective shielding and shoring; vibration and displacement monitoring during construction; hauling and disposal of demolition debris; installation of roofing membrane over occupied spaces to remain; permanent chain link fencing; miscellaneous drainage improvements; modifications to the existing fire standpipe system; and reconstruction of the bus platform, including relocating the temporary bus shelters from the temporary bus platform and security cameras; temporary and permanent, signage, pavements, curbing and pavement markings; and relocation of a communications antenna. 

Wollaston Public Meeting Presentation (June 2017)

 Wollaston Community Meeting Presentation (April 2017)

Quincy City Council Presentation (April 2017)

Quincy Center Parking Garage Demolition

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