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Government Center Station

MBTA Contract No. A20PS02

The construction contract is managed by the MBTA Design & Construction Department. The contractor is Barlette Heavy Division (BHD). The design was performed by HDR Engineering, Inc.


Beginning Saturday, March 22, 2014, Government Center Station will be closed for two years while crews work to upgrade the station into a fully accessible, safer, modern, more comfortable facility. The current schedule is summarized as follows:

• Construction Contract Award (NTP): July 2013
• Prepare station for closure (electrical, structural, civil): Fall 2013 through First Quarter 2013
• Reconfigure roadways and sidewalks for station closure: Fourth Quarter 2013 to Second Quarter 2014. This work began the week of November 18, 2013.
Close station for reconstruction: Saturday, March 22, 2014
• Reopen station: Spring 2016
• Completion of construction: Fourth Quarter 2016

More Government Center Project Information

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Improvements will include new redundant elevators from the surface to the Green Line level as well as from the Green Line level to the Blue Line level, renovations to both the Green Line and Blue Line platforms, a new station entrance and lobbies, a new emergency exit-only structure on Cambridge Street between Court and Sudbury Streets, improved circulation between the Green Line and Blue Line platforms, and reconstruction of Cambridge Street and a portion of City Hall Plaza in the vicinity of the Station to provide accessible paths of travel to the station. The project will also upgrade the Station to comply with all current applicable code requirements

Other necessary upgrades include: new escalators, LED signage, a new and expanded fare collection area, upgraded back-up electrical power supply, improved interior finishes, new station lighting, mechanical systems, public address system, and a new emergency exit structure on Cambridge Street. Additional vendor retail space will be provided on both Green Line and Blue Line platforms. A security protection and monitoring system will be installed throughout the Station.

Design and Construction Details

Value Engineering (VE), managed by the Owner′s Representative as required by MGL 30/39M.5, was performed in January 2011. The major recommendation of the study was to close Government Center Station to patrons (but allow trains to pass through) for twenty-four months during the construction period by diverting passengers to other nearby stations. Closure/bypass of the station to patrons for twenty-four months during construction eliminates the need for a temporary head house and allows construction to proceed more rapidly, thereby resulting in the overall delivery of accessibility to be achieved earlier. The closure also results in minimization of system delays, improved worker and public safety, and improved construction quality. The recommendation was presented to the MBTA Board of Directors in April 2011. The Board concurred with that recommendation, and design progressed based on the Station being closed as recommended.

The design and the construction staging of the project has been closely coordinated with City of Boston departments, Mass Historic, federal agencies, project abutters, area business groups, and all major departments within the MBTA. Public presentations of the project have taken place at six area locations. (See meeting notifications on the MBTA Public Meetings page.) 


Government Center Proposed Head House EntryGovernment Center Proposed Head House


Renderings of the proposed head house as well as the plan and cross sections of the proposed Plaza level head house leading down to the Green Line Station are depicted in Figures 1 and 2 below.

Figure 1 - Renderings of Proposed Head House at Plaza Entry Level and Proposed Stairs from Plaza Entry Level to Green Line Level


 Government Center Proposed Entrance Head House Plan


Figure 2 - Plan of Proposed Head House/Station Cross Section

 Government Center Proposed Head House Station Cross Section

Project Images

Government Center Proposed Site Plan


Government Center Proposed Entrance City Hall Plaza


Government Center Proposed Interior Entry Lobby


Government Center Interior Paid Lobby


Government Center Proposed Head House Interior


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