Transit Projects

 MassDOT Fast 14 Project

During the 2011 summer, MassDOT replaced fourteen deteriorated bridge superstructures along I-93 in Medford, Massachusetts. MassDOT used innovative construction methods to minimize the duration of construction-related impacts and congestion. In order to reduce congestion, the project used prefabricated, modular superstructure units, eliminating years of work that would occur in the roadway if conventional construction methods were used. The existing superstructures were demolished and replaced during weekends.

Previous Service Impacts

Throughout the 2011 summer, a number of MBTA bus routes were diverted due to construction activities. 

To mitigate traffic impacts, the MBTA ran additional Orange Line service while work was ongoing. Additionally, free parking was provided at the Anderson RTC. 

For more information, please visit the 93 Fast 14 Project page.

MassDOT is committed to providing safe and durable replacement bridges. The project has been developed by the Accelerated Bridge Program to result in the fewest construction-related impacts on traffic, businesses, residents and tourism.