Transit Projects
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Green Line - Boston College Station
Location:  Chestnut Hill, MA
Consultant: Jacobs Engineering
MBTA Project Manager:  Curtis Nikitas

This project is part of the Light Rail Accessibility Project. A new center-side platform station will be built on Commonwealth Avenue to provide a higher level of accessibility to all passengers. The station will include a full canopy over the Inbound platform, track relocation, installation of a diamond crossover, a mini-high and two portable lifts, and upgrades to all power, signal and communications systems. The station functions will be separated from the yard functions.
Commonwealth Ave. will be shifted slightly to the south to provide room for the expanded station. Traffic lanes will be maintained as currently configured. The historic wall to the north will remain intact. The non-historic wall to the south will be relocated to a place 10 feet or so south, in-kind. The intersection from Lake Street to the Newton line will be re-paved and include new crosswalks, curb cuts, and improved traffic signalization.

The key project goals are to:
> Improve opportunities for accessibility.
> Promote a safer environment for our patrons
> Upgrade Green Line operational flexibility and service.

Trains will cross the Lake Street corridor with 89 percent less frequency; 2,080 train crossing/week reduced to just 240 crossing/week.
Our 2,300 daily patrons of this station and residents will safely cross the Commonwealth Ave./Lake Street corridor via the fully accessible sidewalks and crosswalks, and new traffic signals.
Vehicular movements benefit from fewer train movements and improvements to this “F” rated intersection.
Safety benefits from eliminating mid-block crossings.
There will be 90 percent reduction in yard noise.
This is the terminus of the Green Line “B” Branch and the last of the Key Stations on this Line to be slated for modernization.

The Design and Construction Department finalized a contract with Jacobs Engineering Group to deliver a 30 percent design package and perform a NEPA review. At the current 15 percent design stage, the estimated total project budget is $20m. The construction duration is estimated to be up to twenty-four (24) months from the Notice To Proceed.

Work in Progress:

Test pits and borings along the proposed track alignment were performed in February 2011. Platform configurations were analyzed and the center-side platform is the preferred option. The project is working through utility issues and a design for signalization of the crossover and station. Coordination meetings with the City of Boston and City of Newton are ongoing. A public meeting was held on October 9. The NEPA filing is in process for submittal to FTA.

Design Status:

The design was brought to a 15 percent level in August 2012. The 30 percent design was delivered in late-November 2012. The NEPA review package was finalized and will be sent to FTA in late-October 2012.

Upon completion of the 30 percent design and NEPA process, the MBTA will work to procure the additional funding. If and when secured, the Authority will commence the Request for Proposal process to procure professional services to complete the design and provide Construction Phase Services, and to bid and build the station. Again, the Authority does not currently have the funding to proceed beyond a 30 percent design level. Further design and construction is dependent upon procuring a new funding source.