Transit Projects

Repair/Rehabilitation of Merrimack River and Washington Street Bridges, Haverhill, MA

General view of the Merrimack River and Washington Street Bridge.

Executive Summary:

Contract No. B64CN01 involves rehabilitation of the Merrimack River, North Approach and Washington Street Bridges in Haverhill carrying the West Route Commuter Rail Service, Amtrak Service between Boston and Maine and Pan Am Freight Service. LM Heavy Civil Construction Company was the lowest responsible and eligible bidder with a contract bid of a sum not to exceed $23,937,000.00. The MBTA Board of Directors approved Contract No. B03CN01 in January 2014. The project was awarded to the contractor in March 2014 and NTP was issued on April 1, 2014.

Project Scope:

The proposed rehabilitation of these bridges will be handled in multiple phases. Track No. 2, will be taken out of service, between Haverhill and Bradford Stations, for structural repairs, painting, track work, etc. for twelve (12) months. During this period, regular service will continue on Track No. 1 except for two trains in the morning and two (2) in the evening the passengers of which will be bused between Bradford and Haverhill and vice versa. Upon completion of this work, Track No. 1 will be closed for work while Track No. 2 will be in service. At the end of Track No. 1 work the bridge bearings will be replaced which will be performed under six (6) weekend outages spread over a span of twelve (12) weekends. Variable message sign boards will notify the passengers at Bradford and Haverhill on the schedule modifications.

Project Schedule:

Phase I Substantial Completion – June 2015
Phase II Substantial Completion – June 2016
Entire Project Completion – April 2017

Project Update:

On May 28, 2014, rehabilitation work is anticipated to start with the closure of Track No. 2. For details on modifications to the schedule for the impacted trains, please refer to MBTA Service Alerts for the Haverhill Commuter Rail Line.