Transit Projects

Bridge Reconstruction
MBTA Ashmont - Alewife Red Line Over Clayton Street

Boston, Massachusetts
Bridge No. B-16-138 MP 157.00

Executive Summary:

Contract No. B00CN01 involves reconstruction of Clayton St. Bridge that carries the Ashmont-Alewife Red Line over Clayton Street. Barletta Heavy Division was the lowest responsible and eligible bidder with a contract bid sum not to exceed $5,476,700.00. The MsssDot Secretary of Transporation approved contract No. B00CN01 on January 24, 2013. NTP was issued on February 4, 2013.

Project Scope:

This project will replace the bridge superstructure, retrofit the existing abutments with tiebacks and micropiles, and reconstruct the roadway and sidewalks at the bridge site to increase the substandard vertical clearance to 14'0" and improve pedestrian access with the elimination of existing steel bents located along the curb line. The work consist of removal of existing bridge superstructure and piers, modifications to existing abutments, construction of new superstructure, and all incidentals. Work includes but is not limited to System Relocation, Install temp. crossing for relocation of the MBTA system conduits, install and connect system cables through the  new bridge, abutments tiebacks, install total of 8 abutments tiebacks for existing abutments, construct formliners for abutments, bridge demolition and replacements, reconstruct Clayton and Dickens Streets with sidewalk restoration work.

Project Schedule:

Notice To Proceed: February 2013
Substantial Completion: December 2013
Project Completion: February 2014

Project Update:

Over Veterans day weekend the existing Clayton St. Bridge was demolished and the new structure rolled into place for service Monday morning. The remaining work consists of the abutments formliners along with roadway and sidewalk work.