Transit Projects

MBTA Shore Line Bridge Reconstruction Project


Executive Summary:


MBTA Contract No. B73CN01 involves construction services for the reconstruction of the Shore Line Bride carrying the Fairmount/Franklin Line over the Shore Line. The construction contract was awarded to the Barletta Heavy Division in September of 2015. The Shore Line Bridge carries the MBTA Fairmount/Franklin Commuter Rail Line along with CSX freight operations over the North East Corridor carrying Amtrak and Commuter Rail.


Project Scope:


This project involves the replacement of the existing 1898 Bridge in its entirety. The proposed bridge will be supported on new drilled shaft footings constructed in front of the existing abutments.  The project involves systems/utility relocation, and overhead Amtrak catenary modifications. The existing abutment walls will be retained to act as a retaining wall.


Shore Line Bridge

Project Update:


The contractor will be working round the clock over the weekends of November 4-6 and 11-13, 2016 for the scheduled replacement of the bridge. Over the first weekend, the existing bridge will be demolished Friday night into Saturday morning and the new bridge will be put in place Saturday night into Sunday morning. Over the second weekend, the contractor will be working round the clock Friday night into Saturday morning to complete the construction of the bridge.

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