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South Boston Service and Bus Stop Improvements

In the winter of 2015, South Boston bus service was rerouted to travel via Broadway rather than E. 4th St. This routing was put in place when roadway configurations changed in response to historic accumulations of snow. The change was made permanent when significant operational benefits were realized due to wider lane widths, wider sidewalk widths, and less susceptibility to delays caused by double-parked vehicles, garbage trucks, delivery vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

The MBTA and consultant team are advancing designs for accessibility improvements and bus stop consolidation at bus stops along E. 1st St, Farragut Rd, East Broadway, P St, and L St. The consolidated stops may increase walk times by 1-2 minutes for most customers, but this is offset by travel time savings from consolidated stops and reliability improvements. The changes will also upgrade the existing stops to meet MBTA accessibility guidelines while minimizing parking impacts.

Two public meetings were held in September 2015 to discuss the bus route and stop changes, and an additional meeting was held in September 2016. Feedback was received at the meetings, in writing, via email, and through other channels.  Comments regarding the bus stop changes received by November 23, 2016 will be considered as the MBTA advances toward the 100% design.  Email project-related feedback to


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