Transit Projects

Boston Properties TOD at North Station

Rendering of North Station


The Developers are in construction phase for Phase 1 of this 1.8 million square foot mixed-use, multi-phase building program located on Causeway Street at North Station. The building program includes up to three future phases for hotel, office, and residential towers; each rising from the podium.

Phase 1 entails construction of a seven-story retail podium on the east side and a five-story retail podium on the west side of the site. Between the podium structures will be a ‘grand entrance” for the Garden and North Station. Also included is a three level, below-grade parking garage.

The significant features of this project for the MBTA include but are not limited to the permanent closure of the MBTA’s Orange/Green Lines Headhouse at Causeway Street and Legends Way, construction of an underground direct connection between the Orange/Green Line Superstation and the east lobby of North Station, relocation of the existing commuter rail ticketing office to the west side of the North Station lobby, a covered walkway at the west entrance side of North Station, changing pedestrian routes on the east entrance side of North Station, and a new 3-level underground garage that will connect to the existing North Station parking garage.

Construction commenced in January 2016 and will last for three years. We are just over one year into construction.

The Headhouse at Causeway Street and Legends Way was permanently closed on January 2, 2016 to make way for construction of the new underground direct connect passageway. In the interim, pedestrians are utilizing the Superstation exits at Haverhill Street and crossing Causeway Street at the designated crosswalks. Wayfinding signage has been posted and as work zones and pedestrian travel paths change, the signage also changes accordingly. The west walkway has been covered to protect patrons from heavy construction activities. Kickboards were added to walkway structures to aid navigation via cane-tapping. The GSA walkway is open to pedestrians to handle large crowds for events. Kindly note that the GSA walkway is not the official path of travel and it is not accessible. 

Over the past year of construction, the east walkway has shifted from Legends Way over to the east walkway, adjacent to Portal Park, and then it was shifted back again to Legends Way where it currently resides. These shifts accommodate the installation of a new foundation system for the podium. In April 2017, it is anticipated that the foundation work on the east side will be completed and the pedestrian path will shift back to the east side for the remaining duration of the project (approximately 2 years). Legends Way will then be restricted to vehicular traffic only. The east walkway will be covered to protect patrons during heavy construction activities.


Please contact the MBTA Project Office if you require more information.  Thank you.

Curtis Nikitas
Project Manager