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East Street Bridge - Franklin Line

 Executive Summary:

The East Street Bridge, a steel plate-girder superstructure, constructed in 1911, carries the Franklin line commuter rail service over East Street in Westwood, MA. The bridge suffers from inferior vertical and horizontal clearance and has been a frequent site of vehicular accidents/strikes.

Town of Westwood officials have repeatedly expressed concerns that the structure is a safety hazard, citing the numerous traffic accidents that occur at the bridge site. Contract No. B92PS26 includes design/engineering services for the East Street Bridge; design consultant VHB has been selected as the engineering firm responsible for design.

Project Scope:

The current bridge over East Street consists of a riveted steel thru-girder superstructure, supported by granite block abutments. The project plans to replace the superstructure and abutments with a new steel thru-girder bridge structure and concrete abutments, taking advantage of accelerated bridge techniques. The new bridge will provide increased vertical and horizontal roadway and pedestrian clearances. It is expected that impacts to the Franklin line will be contained to the weekend when the bridge superstructure is replaced.

Project Schedule (Anticipated):

30% Design - July 2016
60% Design – September 2016
100% Design – November 2016
Construction - June 2017 – June 19

East Street Bridge

Project Update:

15% Design is complete. Twin-steel plate-girder Bridge structures have been recommended with a new roadway vertical clearance of 13’-6”; roadway width of 32’ plus 5’ sidewalks.