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Downtown Crossing Station Elevators & Station Improvements - Phase I

The Downtown Crossing Phase 1 Project (A90CN06) will construct two new elevators in a combined elevator shaft in the Burnham Building that was formerly known as Filene’s Building. The contract was awarded to Barletta Construction for $13,570,000 and the Notice-to-Proceed was issued on 2/18/2016.  The engineering consultant for the project is Kleinfelder.

This Phase 1 project will allow accessible travel between the Orange Line - Forest Hills platform and the Red Line - Alewife platform.  The elevator shaft will be built just inside the Burnham Building but the elevators will only open to the Station.  Also, to increase the egress capacity of the station for code compliance, Phase 1 includes improvements to all exit gates in the station, and the creation of ‘points of safety’ areas within the station with fire/smoke rated wall and door assemblies.  A new fire alarm system is also part of the scope.

Although a large portion of the Phase 1 elevator shaft work will be accomplished from within the adjacent Burnham Building, there is still a substantial amount of work needed within the Station that will have an impact on operations.  The construction of new exit gates, safe zones, and a new elevator shaft which opens onto the red line and orange line platforms will require portions of the station platforms and corridors to be fenced off for work zones.  In addition, to make room for the elevator on the Orange Line - Oak Grove platform, all of the AFC fare gates will need to be relocated.  This work will be completed in multiple phases and there will be reduced fare gate capacity at times. Additional customer service agents will be on site to help the customers. The current project schedule calls for the construction substantial completion in early 2018.