Transit Projects and Environment

Transit Commitment Status Report

On September 20, 2010, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation submitted a status report update to pursuant to Section B (c) of the Administrative Consent Order Amendment dated December 31, 2006, This status update Report provides an update on those projects that are listed in the ACO.  The status update also includes information on the status of the Supplemental Environmental Projects required as part of the ACO and its Amendments.

A copy of the status update can be reviewed by clicking on the tab below.

The report references an Attachment (Tab A) which is a list of all MassDOT Highway Division contracts and the associated information regarding the construction retrofit program.  This attachment is quite large (approximately 400 double sided pages).  Given its size, the attachment will be provided upon request.

Download the September 2010 Status Report
Contact the T to request the Report Addendum/Attachment