Transit Projects and TOD

T-Projects and Transit Oriented Development

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is compact, walkable development around transit stations. Generally including a mix of uses such as housing, shopping, employment, and recreational facilities—TOD is designed with transit and pedestrians as high priorities, making it possible for visitors and residents to move around without complete dependence on a car.

TOD represents an opportunity for communities all across Massachusetts to enhance their quality of life by turning parking lots and underutilized land near public transportation into vibrant mixed-use districts, diverse housing, and lively public places.

Numerous MBTA properties located at or near T stations are involved in the TOD Program on MBTA Surplus Property. The MBTA and the EOEA are both working to facilitate TOD in the Commonwealth.

Wonderland Station, Mattapan Square Station, Newburyport StationForest Hills, and JFK/UMass are a few of our current TOD projects on MBTA surplus property.

View other examples of TOD in Massachusetts or visit the EOEA website to download the Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit.

For more information about TOD opportunities with the MBTA, please contact Massachusetts Realty Group at 617-316-1654 or email through their website.