Station Sampling

Station Sampling

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Introducing a new product? How about a form of advertising that gets people to try your product by placing a sample right in their hands? Hundreds of thousands of commuters pass through MBTA stations every weekday, and through our sampling program you can present your product to these valuable consumers.

Starting at $1,250 per station (some stations have higher fees), your customer service representatives may distribute product samples for 4 hours or less.

All sampling requests are subject to approval. Please allow at least 10 business days between the date of your request and the date of your event.

For more information, please call the Marketing Promotions Coordinator at (617) 222-6117.

* Some stations are not available for sampling, please call for details.

Quantity: N/A
Frequency: N/A
Price: Starts at $1,250 per station for 4 hours or less

Station Sampling