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MBTA Contract Administration

Welcome to the MBTA Contract Administration page. This department administers the procurement of both construction and professional services contracts. Through this page you can get technical information as well as procurement information.

The following links are downloadable zip files which can be unzipped using winzip or pkzip. Each contains files that are saved in MS Excel and MS Word respectively.

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Bid Item Development System

Contract Specifications Guidelines

Internal Login

MBTA Line Items updated Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Download MBTA Line Item File(330.76kb) - Contains 10,685 line items

Construction Contractor Prequalification updated July 31, 2014

Download Contractor Prequalification Statement July 2014  (609 KB) 
Download Procedures Governing Classification & Rating of Prospective Bidders Jan 2017  (223 KB)
Download Class 11 - Asbestos Abatement Questionnaire (zip file 20k)
Download Request for Proposal Form (261k)

Professional Service Procurement Guidelines updated March 30, 2015

Download Professional Service DBE provisions 2015 (859 KB)

Professional Service Terms and Conditions updated May 20, 2015

Download Professional Service Terms and Conditions Article II - General Provisions (812 KB)
Download Professional Service Terms and Conditions Article III - Compensation and Payment (26 KB)

MBTA Green Line Extension Conflict of Interest Guidance 
MBTA Processing of Errors and Omissions Policy updated Mar. 29, 2005

MBTA Design Standard Documents

Commuter Rail Design Standard Documents

All PDFs can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher.