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Future Construction Contract Bid Solicitations

The T is constantly working to upgrade facilities to better support riders.

All future and current solicitations are posted to our web site and are constantly updated to reflect the most recent information.  You can find the summary for upcoming solicitations by clicking on a link below.

DescriptionContract NumberAdv. DateType of workEngineer's Estimate
Rockport Commuter Rail Layover FacilityJ62CN0110 / 2016Layover Facility$4,200,000.00
ITD Data Center, 45 High StreetR14CN0110 / 2016Electrical and Fire Protection$3,000,000.00
Wollaston Station ImprovementsA47CN0110 / 2016Station Improvements$37,000,000.00
Mansfield Commuter Rail Accessibility ImprovementsJ75CN0310 / 2016Accessibility$9,000,000.00
Central Square & Harvard Station ElevatorsA90CN03/0410 / 2016Elevators$8,000,000.00
Replacement Elevators - AlewifeTBD11 / 2016Elevators$5,400,000.00
On-Call Contracting Services - PowerTBD11 / 2016Power$15,000,000.00
Fairmount Line - Blue Hill Avenue Commuter Rail StationH74CN0911 / 2016Station$18,200,000.00
North Station DrawbridgeTBD12 / 2016Moveable Bridge$75,000,000.00
Orange Line Test Track at Wellington YardTBD12 / 2016Track, Power & Signal$10,000,000.00
Winchester Station ReconstructionTBD12 / 2016Station Reconstruction
Gloucester DrawbridgeH62CN0312 / 2016Moveable Bridge$48,000,000.00
Shawsheen River Bridge, Wilmington, MA W-38-041B03CN0212 / 2016Bridge$2,000,000.00
Ruggles Commuter Rail Station ImprovementsTBD1 / 2017Station Improvements$22,000,000.00
Wellington Maintenance FacilityTBD2 / 2017Facility$69,900,000.00
Red Line Test Track - Cabot YardTBD2 / 2017Track, Power & Signal$22,000,000.00
Silverline Gateway Phase 2TBD3 / 2017Station$28,400,000.00

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