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Are Changes to the MBTA Fair?

Help the MBTA prevent unintentional discrimination in fare and service changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your participation and attendance during our public process. Your feedback and questions were valuable, and as we look to finalize the policy, we wanted to respond to the most frequently asked questions following our public comment period. Please see the link below.
Frequently Asked Questions: Mbta Title VI Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden Policy

Draft Policy Text

The full text of the MBTA’s service and fare equity analysis policy is available for your review in the link below.
MBTA Disparate Impact/Disproportionate Burden (DI/DB) Policy

Fair Service, Fair Fares

The MBTA serves diverse riders and communities. In making changes to service or fares, we understand that these changes may impact different people in different ways. To make sure we treat all people fairly when thinking about making changes to service or fares, we study the impacts that our diverse riders may experience, by conducting service and fare equity analysis. The steps we take to understand if our diverse customers are experiencing service and fare changes equitably are detailed in our Disparate Impact/Disproportionate Burden (DI/DB) Policy. This “equity analysis” policy is built around three key concepts that we define with input from the public.

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