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Here at the MBTA, our greatest source of information comes directly from our customers. We know from your comments solicited through the "Write to the Top" program that you expect a higher level of maintenance from the T and its cleaning contractors. We strive to keep stations and vehicles in the best possible condition, but sometimes our efforts come up short of what our customers deserve.

In order to better manage the contractors who deliver cleaning services for the MBTA, we have introduced the "Cleaning Between the Lines" program. This important customer service tool allows us to closely monitor the performance of our cleaners and respond to your concerns expeditiously. The invaluable information you provide will help us perform a more comprehensive assessment of the firms under contract to keep the T clean, and make your transit experience a pleasant one.

To help us accomplish our goals, we welcome your assistance. Please take a moment to complete the user-friendly form below. Do not hesitate to be very specific about the problem or issue that concerns you. Keep in mind that we can respond more effectively if T staff is made fully aware of a maintenance situation that needs to be addressed. Your willingness to help us with the "Cleaning Between the Lines" program is greatly appreciated.

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