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CharlieCard Expiration FAQ

Does a CharlieCard expire?

Yes, CharlieCards have different expirations for the various programs they cover. General public CharlieCards have five to ten year expirations. Senior and TAP customers can find their expiration printed on their SR/TAP badge. Student cards expire each year on August 31.

Why do CharlieCards expire?

The smartcard technology used on the CharlieCard and other similar smart cards has a limited lifespan that varies based on usage and bending/flexing.

How can I see my CharlieCard’s expiration date?

CharlieCard expiration dates can be found by tapping the card at a Fare Vending Machine and using the Card/Ticket Information button.  The expiration of the card is under the general information section of the screen.

CharlieCard Vending Screen

Where can I get a new CharlieCard?

See the list of CharlieCard distribution stations and times here.

What can I do with an expired CharlieCard that still has value on it?

Stored value can be transferred at the CharlieCard Store located adjacent to the Red and Orange Lines in Downtown Crossing, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Expired Senior CharlieCards and TAP CharlieCards can also be renewed at the CharlieCard Store. Cards can also be mailed to:

Revenue Department
10 Park Plaza Rm 4730
Boston Ma, 02116

Stored Value on cards mailed in will be transferred to a new card. There are no cash refunds.


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