I am testing my app, how can I be sure you receive my submissions? 

Upon comment submission, you will receive a response from the service indicating the submission was accepted.  Want to double check that submissions make it?  Send us an email and we will let you know what submissions were received.

Does my key last forever? 

Keys for the staging system will be turned off after two weeks of inactivity.  If you decide you want to come back to the app or test a new feature, then we can always give you another key. Production keys stay live unless you abuse our systems.

Once I build the app, how can I be sure that submissions are making it to the customer care center? 

Users of your app submitting to the production system will receive an auto-reply from our customer care center thanking them for their comment.

Why so many required fields? 

Commuter Connect is built as a part of the customer care center’s management system. For us to follow-up on comments, we need all required fields.  For full details of how to use the system please closely review the documentation.