Real-Time Subway Data (Red, Orange, Blue)

 Attention: These feeds have been deprecated. 

The feeds described below remain available, but are deprecated. Subway data is available through the MBTA-realtime API and in the GTFS-realtime format. Developers currently using these feeds should switch. Visit the MBTA-realtime Developer Portal to learn more. 

The MBTA uses track circuit occupancy information, schedule information, and dispatcher input to track Red, Orange, and Blue Line trains.  The software uses the same information our dispatchers use to track train movements and make operational decisions in real-time. We have two generations of the subway feed. 

Use of the Feed

Access to the MBTA Real-Time Subway Feed is governed by the language in the MassDOT Developers License Agreement in addition to the following conditions:

• The MBTA reserves the right to suspend the feed, modify the feed, or modify elements of the feed at any time in the MBTA's sole and absolute discretion.

• The MBTA will not guarantee any technical support of any kind to users.

• No user may execute polling commands more often than every 10 seconds. A user that polls more often than that or otherwise overtaxes the MBTA's system may be suspended or terminated from the data feed.

Using the Real-Time Subway Feed 2.0, Released 2012 (Deprecated)

We have made real-time heavy rail data available as CSV and as JSON.  

Using the Real-Time Subway Feed 1.0 (Deprecated)

Description of Data

Table of Platform Keys

Red Line -  Text | JSON | XML

Orange Line - Text | JSON | XML

Blue Line - Text | JSON | XML 

Red Line Sample