Accessible Services

Website Accessibility

Browser Support

The new MBTA website was built using web standards and provides some advanced functionalities that require a modern web browser. We recommend you use one of the following web browsers, available as a free download:

Windows/Linux Macintosh
Firefox 1.5 or greater (download) Safari 2.0 or greater (download)
Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater (download)   Firefox 1.5 or greater (download)
Netscape 8.0 or greater (download) Netscape 8.0 or greater (download)
Opera 9.1 or greater (download  


Javascript is not required to utilize the site, but some features will be limited without it. Some advanced features such as Google Maps will not function without it. We recommend that you keep Javascript enabled on your browser.

Accessibility Compliance

Using the United States Section 508 guidelines and WCAG double AA guidelines, the MBTA has reviewed this site and made all required accommodations to help ensure that the site is accessible by users who rely on assistive technologies such as screen readers or other input mechanisms.  Click here for Assistive Technology Tips

Making Apps Accessible for People with Disabilities

Since releasing real-time data and schedule information about the MBTA, app developers have been busy making inovative applications that make riding the T easier. In accordance with the T's committment to ensuring access for all, app developers are encouraged to click here to learn more about making apps accessible for all customers.