Accessible Services

Boarding Heavy Rail Trains Using the Mobile Bridgeplate

Due to gaps between the train and the platform at some stations, some customers may benefit from the use of a mobile bridgeplate that spans the gap between the train and the platform.  If you need to use the bridgeplate to board the train, you will need to seek the assistance of a MBTA staff member.  Below is a step-by-step process for boarding a heavy rail train using the bridgeplate.      

Boarding Heavy Rail Trains using the Mobile Bridgeplate

MBTA member of staff. Click to enlarge.
  • Seek assistance from an MBTA staff member.
Customer pressing button on call box. Click to enlarge.
  • If a staff member is not in sight, press the button on a station call box to let a dispatcher know you need assistance. Customer Assistance buttons are located in all MBTA heavy rail stations.
MBTA member of staff meeting customer using wheeled mobility on platform. Click to enlarge.
  • A MBTA staff member will meet you on the platform with the bridgeplate. Remain behind the yellow line until the train comes to a complete stop.
MBTA member of staff positioning bridgeplate. Click to enlarge.
  • When the doors open, MBTA policy requires the MBTA staff member to position the bridgeplate so that it spans the gap between the train and the platform.
Customer using wheeled mobility wheeling onto train. Click to enlarge.
  • When the bridgeplate is positioned appropriately, wheel/walk across the bridgeplate onto the train. You can wheel over the bridgeplate facing forward or backwards.
Seating areas for customers using wheeled mobility on Red Line Train. Click to enlarge.
  • Seating areas for those who use wheeled mobility devices are available on some trains.
Priority seats on Red Line Train. Click to enlarge.
  • Priority seating is usually located near the doors of the train. Federal Law requires that priority seats be reserved for seniors and customers with disabilities.
MBTA member of staff asking customer for their destination. Click to enlarge.
  • The MBTA staff member will discreetely ask you for your destination. This will help to ensure that a staff member will be waiting to assist you at your destination.