Accessible Services
Customers sitting in priority seating area.

The Priority Seating Area

Priority seats (usually located near the front of the bus) are reserved for persons with disabilities and seniors under Federal Law.  If you are a senior, pregnant, or have a disability, and wish to sit in a priority seat, but find that the area is occupied by other customers, let the Bus Operator know.  He or she will ask those customers if they would be willing to relocate. All other customers are expected to yield priority seats to people with disabilities, seniors, and expecting parents.

Please keep in mind that Bus Operators are not allowed to force a person sitting in a priority seat to move.  This is because the individual sitting in the priority seat may be elderly or have a hidden disability they do not wish to disclose.  Examples of hidden disabilities may include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Low vision (the customer may not use a white cane to travel.
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Psychiatric Disabilities

If no priority seating is available, the Operator will either find another place for you to sit or will inform you that they are unable to accommodate you. If you are unable to be accommodated, the Operator is required to call MBTA dispatch and inform you as to when the next bus will be arriving.

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