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Stop Announcements & Route Identification On MBTA Subway

Stop announcements and route identification announcements are beneficial to all customers. They are crutial however for customers who are blind or visually impaired and wish to travel using fixed route services independently. These announcements help the customer to identify which train is on the platform, locate their stop, and learn about which modes of transportation they are able to transfer to at that station.

Many MBTA subway cars are equipped with automated stop announcement equipment that automatically announce the destination of the train and all stops along the train's route.  The automated stop announcement equipment also provides the customer with information about connecting modes of transportation at a given station and on which side of the train will the doors open at a given station. This automated equipment broadcasts the information both audibly, and visually (via an L.E.D. screen. If the automated stop announcement equipment isn't working, the train attendant is required to announce all station stops.Click here to learn about stop announcement regulations.

On this page, you will learn more about Route Identification Announcements and Stop Announcements. You will also have the opportunity to listen to announcements made by the stop announcement equipment.   

Route Identification Announcements

What Are Route Identification Announcements?

Route Identification Announcements inform the customer of the train's destination. Click on the link below to hear a sample route identification announcement.

Sample Announcement:  "Kenmore, the destination of this train is North Station."

When Should Route Identification Announcements Occur?

Route Identification announcements should occur when the train is at the station and the doors of the train are open. Some trains will announce the station name prior to the route identification announcement.

Stop Announcements

What Are Stop Announcements?

Stop Announcements tell the customer which station they are going to.

When Should Stops Be Announced?

Stop announcements should be announced at least twice for any given station. The stops will be announced at the following times:

When the train departs a station

As the train departs a station, the next stop will be announced.  Click on the link below to hear a sample.

Sample Announcement:  "Next stop, Kenmore."

When the train approaches a station

As a train approaches a station, the station in which the train is arriving will be announced. In addition, stop announcements may include:

  • On which side will the doors open.
  • Connection information (example: "Change here for the Orange Line").


Click on the links below to hear samples.

Sample Announcement (without connection info): 
"Entering Kenmore, doors will open on the left."

Sample Announcement (with connection info): 
"Entering Park Street, change here for the Red and Orange Lines, doors will open on both sides."


Platform Announcements

Automated announcements at Red, Orange, and Blue line stations inform the customer of service delays, emergency information, and whether a train is approaching or arriving.  Click on the links below to hear sample platform announcements. 

Train Approaching Announcements

Train Approaching Announcements inform the customer that a given train is approaching the station platform. These announcements occur approximately 1 to 2 minutes prior to the train reaching the station.

Sample Platform Announcement:  
"Attention passengers, the next Blue Line Train to Bowdoin is now approaching."

Train Arriving Announcements

Train Arriving Announcements inform the customer that the train is arriving into the station.

Sample Platform Announcement:  
"Attention passengers, the next Blue Line Train to Bowdoin is now arriving.