Accessible Services

Planning Your Trip

Now that you have chosen to use MBTA fixed-route services, what's the best way for you to reach your destination using bus, train, or boat? This page will discuss some of the ways in which you can plan your trip using MBTA fixed-route services.

Planning Your Trip By Phone

To plan your trip by phone, do the following.

  • Contact the MBTA's Information line by calling 617-222-3200 or 617-222-5146 (for TTY users).
  • Press option 1 (for information in English) or option 2 (for information in Spanish).
  • Press option 1 for "Schedules & Travel Directions".
  • Press option 1 (for schedule information) or option 2 (for travel directions). You will then be transferred to an information agent.

Please be sure to have your starting location, your destination, the date of travel, and the time in which you would like to depart your starting location ready for the information agent when they take your call. Having this information available will help the agent in the handling of your request. For customers who require an accessible trip, tell the information agent that your trip must be accessible during the trip planning process.

Planning Your Trip Online

The MBTA Trip Planner gives customers the opportunity to receive travel directions by using a street address, intersection, subway, or commuter rail station, or landmark. The MBTA Trip Planner is located under the "Rider Tools" section of the MBTA website.

Using The Trip Planner In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose your starting and ending location

To begin using the trip planner, you must first enter a starting location and a destination. Entries may be one of the following.

  • A street address (such as 10 Park Plaza, Boston)
  • An intersection (such as Tremont St & Boylston St, Boston)
  • A subway or commuter rail station (such as South Station)
  • A landmark (such as Boston Common)

Alternatively, you can use the "Find Stations & Landmarks" link to select a subway station, commuter rail station,or landmark.

Step 2: Choose the date and time you would like to travel

This section allows you to choose what time you would like to depart your starting location or the time in which you would like to arrive at your destination, and the date in which your trip will take place. To complete this section, do the following.

  • Using the combo box, select whether you would like to leave by a certain time or arrive by a certin time.
  • Choose the time in which you will be leaving or arriving by selecting the hour, the minute, and "AM" or "PM" by using the input box provided.
  • Enter in the date in which you would like to travel (in mm/dd/yyyy format).
Step 3: Selecting additional preferences

This section gives you the ability to minimize travel time, transfers, or walking distance, and specify the mode of transportation you would like to use during your trip. Do the following to change additional preferences.

  • Using the combo box, specify whether you want to minimize your travel time, transfers (the amount of times you transfer from one vehicle to another), or walking distance.
  • Choose whether you want to use all modes of transportation, whether you want to use just buses, or whether you just want to use rail by using the checkboxes provided.
  • Specify the walking distance by using the combo box.
  • If you require an accessible trip, place a check in the box next to the sentence which reads, "Trip must be accessible".
Step 4: Plan your trip!

After entering all of the above information, click the "Display Trip" button.

In most cases, the trip planner will provide you with 2 itineraries to choose from. Select an itinerary by clicking "Itinerary 1" or "Itinerary 2". Your travel directions should appear once you've selected an itinerary.

Other Trip Planning Options

Below are some additional options that can be used to plan a trip using MBTA Fixed Route services.

Google Transit
Google Transit provides trip planning options for many transit agencies in the United States and all over the world.  In addition to trip planning information for the MBTA, customers can receive trip planning information for other Massachusetts-based transit agencies.