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MBTA Bus Stops and Snow Removal: Who′s Responsible?

Bus Stops covered in snow and ice can be difficult, if not impossible, to use. Properly clearing snow and ice from the stop is an essential part of operating a system that is safe and accessible for all passengers.

There are over 8,000 bus stops in the MBTA system, mostly located on municipal streets and sidewalks. Depending on the stop, the responsibility for clearing snow/ice may fall to one of several entities—the MBTA, the property owner/abutter, or a private contracter. When you notice a stop that is obstructed by snow, it′s important to know who to contact to file a complaint.

Stops the MBTA Clears

Below, you will find a list of bus stops that the MBTA has responsibility for clearing directly. This list is sorted by city/town.

If you notice that one of these bus stops is obstructed by snow/ice, please notify the MBTA’s Customer Communications Department by calling 617-222-3200 or 617-222-5146 (TTY), or filling out a customer support form at

For All Other Bus Stops

Virtually all other bus stops are the property owner/abutter’s responsibility. The municipality in which the bus stop is located may have the ability to enforce snow removal, depending on the local ordinance. If you notice one of these stops is obstructed by snow/ice, refer to “Municipality Snow Contacts” below to find the contact information for the department that may be able to help resolve the problem.