Accessible Services
Tactile surfacing around customer Assistance Area

Tactile Surfacing at Customer Assistance Area

Unlike the tactile bumps found on the tactile warning strip at the platform's edge, the tactile surface at the Customer Assistance Area uses tactile bars. These tactile bars are placed at the edges of the Customer Assistance Area zone and are perpendicular to the tactile warning strip and they extend from the tactile warning strip to the center of the platform. Another set of tactile bars are placed perpendicular to the wall and extend from the wall to the center of the platform. Approximately 4 feet of clear space is without tactile surfacing to allow customers who use wheeled mobility devices the ability to enter into the Customer Assistance Area without having to wheel over the tactile surface. The color of the tactile surfacing at the Customer Assistance Area is white (which provides good contrast to the station platform).