Accessible Services

MBTA System Orientation Training Comming Soon

As part of an effort to educate customers about the MBTA's Fixed-Route system, the MBTA has begun the process of developing a System Orientation training that will familiarize customers with the MBTA's Fixed-Route network of buses and trains. The training will include both a presentation and a hands-on section. Topics of the presentation will include:

  • The Benefits of Using Fixed-Route Services
  • System-Wide Accessibility Facts
  • Reduced Fares Information
  • Reading Schedules and Maps
  • Trip Planning

Topic areas for the hands-on portion of the training will include:

  • How to identify a MBTA Bus Stop
  • Access Features on MBTA Bus
  • Securing a Wheeled Mobility Device
  • Using the Farebox
  • Using Fare Vending Machines in Subway Stations
  • Using the Faregate
  • Using MBTA Call Boxes
  • Access Features on MBTA Subway
  • Boarding the Train using the Mobile Bridgeplate (Heavy Rail Trains), the Built-in Bridgeplate (Low Floor Green Line Trains), and the Mobile Lift (High Floor Green Line Trains)

The trainings are tentitively scheduled to begin in Fall 2012. Until then, please feel free to view the T Access Guide which has loads of information on how to use the MBTA's Fixed-Route system.