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Travel Instruction

Travel Instruction is a free MBTA program for seniors and people with disabilities which trains participants to independently ride the MBTA’s extensive bus, subway, and commuter rail network. We offer three training types.

System Orientation Training 

System Orientation Training is a one-time class with a maximum of 15 participants, conducted in the MBTA’s modern training facility near Broadway Station on the Red Line. The class can also be held at alternative locations such as schools or senior centers upon request.

The training is designed to familiarize participants with the MBTA's extensive bus, subway, and commuter rail network as well as with accessibility and other customer service features on the system. 

Two types of System Orientation are available and designed specifically for:

  • People who are blind or have low vision, and
  • Seniors and people with disabilities other than blindness or low vision 

The training includes both a presentation and a hands-on section and lasts approximately 3 hours. Participants will learn about:

  • Planning trips
  • Reading schedules
  • Boarding and exiting buses and trains
  • Purchasing Charlie Cards
  • Customer & Operator responsibilities
  • Code of Conduct
  • Safety 
  • And much more

Small Group Training

Small Group Training offers the same elements as System Orientation but is conducted in the community. Our professional travel trainer will travel to the site and provide customized training for small groups to destinations of their choice on MBTA bus, subway, or commuter rail vehicles. 

Individual Travel Training

Individual Travel Training is one-on-one instruction on the safe use of public transit for one’s select destination within the MBTA service area.* Training plans are customized for the unique needs of each individual.

Travel training staff meet participants at their homes and show them how to get to and from select destinations safely. Travel trainers work with each participant’s schedule and go at their own personal pace. Travel trainers ride along on actual trips.

To decide which program is right for you, for someone you may know, for your clients in the community; or if you would like to sign up for training sessions, please contact us. 


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