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  • Safety on the T

  • How Do I Pay My Fare?

  • Safety on the T

    Check out our Transit Safety Tips. Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t talk to strangers.

    During an emergency, listen to and follow the instructions of MBTA employees. Notify an MBTA employee or MBTA Transit Police if you see smoke, suspect a fire, see an unattended package, or notice any suspicious activity.

    The MBTA encourages all passengers, including students, to act appropriately while riding the bus, subway, and commuter rail. Please be respectful of MBTA property and your fellow passengers.

    MBTA Transit Police are available in the event of an emergency at 617.222.1212. You can also contact Transit Police by anonymously texting 873-873 or downloading and reporting through the See Say app (iTunes or Google Play).

    Follow Transit Police on Twitter at @MBTATransitPD for more safety tips and information.

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     How Do I Pay My Fare?

    Your school has provided you with a 7 Day Student Pass (M7) or a Student Stored Value CharlieCards (S-Card) on your ONECard or on a CharlieCard. M7 passes are valid from September 1 through June 30 for unlimited travel on all subway, local bus, express bus and Commuter Rail through zones 1A, 1, and 2. M7 CharlieCards can be used as an S-Card during July and August.

    If you received an S-Card, it will allow you to travel on Bus, Subway, Express Bus, and Commuter Rail at a ‘Pay As You Go’ 50% reduced rate. In addition, you may purchase a monthly Student Pass at any MBTA Fare Vending Machine on an S-Card at a reduced rate. S-Card Passes are valid on subway, local bus, and Express Bus, but NOT commuter rail. 

    Using your Student CharlieCard at a subway station fare gate or on a T vehicle is easy and takes only a few moments. Simply tap your ONECard or CharlieCard on the black card target at the front of the fare gate/T vehicle to gain entry. 

    For more information about your specific type of Student MBTA pass, please contact Boston Public Schools Transportation Hotline at 617.635.9520 or

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