Daily Parking


Fees and policies for daily parking vary by station. While cash is accepted at all MBTA-owned and operated lots, there are more convenient alternatives to cash. Customers can pay-by-phone by registering with PayByPhone and using the handy PayByPhone app when they board a train, bus, or commuter boat. Parkmobile customers must pay by phone within twenty minutes of parking.

Visit PayByPhone for more information or REGISTER NOW for daily pay-by-phone!

Customers can also register for Monthly Parking, saving $10 for the entire calendar month. REGISTER NOW for monthly parking to see the complete list of lots that offer monthly permits.

How do I use the pay daily service?

First, make sure you are registered for a free account (if you are not yet registered, visit, or download the app). Then:

1. Park at the MBTA lot of your choice
2. Open the PayByPhone app, visit on your phone, or call 1-866-234-7275.
3. Look for the PayByPhone Location # on signs posted near the Honor Boxes. Enter the location number for your MBTA lot – this number will be displayed on PayByPhone signs near the Honor Box.
Note: Parkmobile ‘Zone’ numbers will not work as of February 1, 2014. For a full list of MBTA Lots and their PayByPhone Location numbers, please visit
4. Enter your space number and go!

For more information on PayByPhone please visit If you are having problems with the service, you can call PayByPhone’s customer service line at 1-866-783-7787 x300.

Please note:

  •  MBTA parking facilities are for commuter use only. 
  •  Payment of the daily parking fee grants the single use of one space on the day for which it was paid. 
  • The daily parking fee expires at 2:00 a.m. the following day.
  • Parking fees are collected and enforced by the Parking Operator seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.
  • Failure to pay in advance at honor boxes and non-garage locations will receive a Notice of Non-Payment and incur a $1 surcharge added to their fee. Customers will be required to address the Notice of Non-Payment including the $1 surcharge within twenty-one (21) calendar days. Failure to do so will result in an additional surcharge of $20.
  •  Vehicles parked at any MBTA parking facility are parked at the owner's risk. 
Commuter Rail: Subway: Boat/Bus: Stations:

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Station NameParkingRateMapManaged By
Union Park StSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: 2
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
Uphams CornerSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A