For a faster and convenient entry/exit to/from parking garages, the MBTA offers a Parking Tap Card free of charge. The Parking Tap Card can be pre-loaded with days, weeks, or months worth of parking value that you tap to activate the gates rather than take a ticket. The Tap Card can be obtained at the garage parking office located at most facilities at either the entrance or exit gates. You can also inquire from any garage attendant. Fill out this form to expedite the application process and bring it to your frequently used garage.

Note: Each Parking Tap Card only works at the garage where your application is originally processed. The MBTA is looking at ways to make one card work at all gated facilities.

The Parking Tap Card is available free of charge at the following parking facilities:

  • AlewifeParking office located at the entrance gates.
  • BraintreeParking office located at the exit gates.
  • BeverlyParking office located on level two near pay-on-foot stations.
  • Quincy AdamsParking office located at the entrance/exit gates.
  • Route 128Parking office located at the second level station lobby.
  • SalemParking office located at the entrance/exit gates.
  • WonderlandInquire with the attendant at the exit booth.
  • WoodlandParking office located at the exit gates.

For additional information about the Parking Tap Card, contact MBTA customer service at 617-222-3200.  

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