With public safety of paramount importance, all modes of MBTA service will be suspended all day and night on Tuesday, January 27. Please check MBTA.com for updates on service restoration for Wednesday.    more >



With public safety of paramount importance, all modes of MBTA service will be suspended all day and night on Tuesday, January 27. Please check MBTA.com for updates on service restoration for Wednesday.    more >


73 - Waverley Sq. - Harvard Station via Trapelo Road

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73 HARVARD STA MT AUBURN : Weekday Effective 12/27/14

Church St & Lexington St Trapelo Rd & Belmont St Mt Auburn St Opp Homer Ave Mt Auburn St & Mt Auburn Hospital 114 Mt Auburn St Harvard Upper Busway & Red Line Waterhouse St & Massachusetts Ave 
05:02 AM05:06 AM05:09 AM05:13 AM05:15 AM05:16 AM05:21 AM
05:23 AM05:27 AM05:30 AM05:34 AM05:36 AM05:37 AM05:42 AM
05:43 AM05:47 AM05:50 AM05:54 AM05:56 AM05:57 AM06:02 AM
06:00 AM06:04 AM06:07 AM06:11 AM06:13 AM06:14 AM06:19 AM
06:11 AM06:15 AM06:18 AM06:22 AM06:24 AM06:25 AM06:30 AM
06:18 AM06:22 AM06:25 AM06:29 AM06:31 AM06:33 AM06:38 AM
06:25 AM06:29 AM06:33 AM06:37 AM06:39 AM06:41 AM06:46 AM
06:35 AM06:40 AM06:44 AM06:48 AM06:51 AM06:53 AM06:59 AM
06:45 AM06:50 AM06:54 AM06:58 AM07:01 AM07:03 AM07:09 AM
06:50 AM06:56 AM07:00 AM07:04 AM07:07 AM07:09 AM07:15 AM
06:55 AM07:01 AM07:05 AM07:09 AM07:12 AM07:14 AM07:21 AM
07:00 AM07:06 AM07:10 AM07:14 AM07:17 AM07:19 AM
07:05 AM07:11 AM07:15 AM07:23 AM07:26 AM07:28 AM07:35 AM
07:10 AM07:16 AM07:21 AM07:29 AM07:32 AM07:34 AM07:41 AM
07:16 AM07:22 AM07:27 AM07:35 AM07:38 AM07:40 AM07:47 AM
07:22 AM07:28 AM07:33 AM07:41 AM07:44 AM07:46 AM07:53 AM
07:28 AM07:34 AM07:39 AM07:47 AM07:50 AM07:52 AM07:59 AM
07:34 AM07:40 AM07:45 AM07:53 AM07:56 AM07:58 AM08:05 AM
07:40 AM07:46 AM07:51 AM07:59 AM08:02 AM08:04 AM08:11 AM
07:46 AM07:52 AM07:57 AM08:05 AM08:08 AM08:10 AM08:17 AM
07:52 AM07:58 AM08:03 AM08:11 AM08:14 AM08:16 AM08:23 AM
07:57 AM08:03 AM08:08 AM08:16 AM08:19 AM08:21 AM08:28 AM
08:02 AM08:08 AM08:13 AM08:21 AM08:24 AM08:26 AM
08:07 AM08:13 AM08:18 AM08:26 AM08:29 AM08:31 AM08:38 AM
08:12 AM08:18 AM08:23 AM08:31 AM08:34 AM08:36 AM
08:17 AM08:23 AM08:28 AM08:36 AM08:39 AM08:41 AM08:48 AM
08:23 AM08:29 AM08:34 AM08:42 AM08:45 AM08:47 AM08:53 AM
08:29 AM08:35 AM08:40 AM08:48 AM08:51 AM08:53 AM
08:35 AM08:41 AM08:46 AM08:55 AM08:58 AM09:00 AM09:06 AM
08:41 AM08:47 AM08:52 AM09:01 AM09:04 AM09:06 AM
08:50 AM08:55 AM09:00 AM09:09 AM09:12 AM09:14 AM09:20 AM
08:59 AM09:04 AM09:09 AM09:18 AM09:21 AM09:23 AM
09:00 AM09:05 AM09:10 AM09:19 AM09:22 AM09:24 AM09:30 AM
09:08 AM09:13 AM09:18 AM09:27 AM09:30 AM09:32 AM
09:15 AM09:20 AM09:25 AM09:34 AM09:37 AM09:39 AM09:45 AM
09:23 AM09:28 AM09:33 AM09:42 AM09:45 AM09:47 AM
09:30 AM09:35 AM09:40 AM09:49 AM09:52 AM09:54 AM09:59 AM
09:45 AM09:50 AM09:54 AM10:00 AM10:03 AM10:05 AM10:10 AM
09:54 AM09:59 AM10:03 AM10:09 AM10:12 AM10:14 AM
10:00 AM10:05 AM10:09 AM10:15 AM10:18 AM10:20 AM10:25 AM
10:15 AM10:20 AM10:24 AM10:30 AM10:33 AM10:35 AM10:40 AM
10:30 AM10:35 AM10:39 AM10:45 AM10:48 AM10:50 AM10:55 AM
10:45 AM10:50 AM10:54 AM11:00 AM11:03 AM11:05 AM11:10 AM
11:00 AM11:05 AM11:09 AM11:15 AM11:18 AM11:20 AM11:25 AM
11:15 AM11:20 AM11:24 AM11:30 AM11:33 AM11:35 AM11:40 AM
11:30 AM11:35 AM11:39 AM11:45 AM11:48 AM11:50 AM11:55 AM
11:45 AM11:50 AM11:54 AM12:00 PM12:03 PM12:05 PM12:10 PM
12:00 PM12:05 PM12:09 PM12:15 PM12:18 PM12:20 PM12:25 PM
12:15 PM12:20 PM12:24 PM12:30 PM12:33 PM12:35 PM12:40 PM
12:30 PM12:35 PM12:39 PM12:45 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM12:55 PM
12:45 PM12:50 PM12:54 PM01:00 PM01:03 PM01:05 PM01:10 PM
01:00 PM01:05 PM01:09 PM01:15 PM01:18 PM01:20 PM01:25 PM
01:15 PM01:20 PM01:24 PM01:30 PM01:33 PM01:35 PM01:40 PM
01:30 PM01:35 PM01:39 PM01:45 PM01:48 PM01:50 PM01:55 PM
01:45 PM01:50 PM01:54 PM02:00 PM02:02 PM02:04 PM02:10 PM
02:00 PM02:05 PM02:09 PM02:15 PM02:17 PM02:19 PM02:25 PM
02:15 PM02:20 PM02:24 PM02:30 PM02:32 PM02:34 PM02:40 PM
02:25 PM02:30 PM02:34 PM02:40 PM02:42 PM02:44 PM02:50 PM
02:35 PM02:40 PM02:44 PM02:50 PM02:52 PM02:54 PM03:00 PM
02:50 PM02:55 PM02:59 PM03:05 PM03:07 PM03:09 PM03:15 PM
03:04 PM03:09 PM03:13 PM03:19 PM03:21 PM03:23 PM03:29 PM
03:11 PM03:16 PM03:20 PM03:26 PM03:28 PM03:30 PM03:36 PM
03:20 PM03:25 PM03:29 PM03:35 PM03:37 PM03:39 PM03:45 PM
03:29 PM03:34 PM03:38 PM03:44 PM03:46 PM03:48 PM03:54 PM
03:38 PM03:43 PM03:47 PM03:53 PM03:55 PM03:57 PM04:04 PM
03:47 PM03:52 PM03:56 PM04:02 PM04:05 PM04:07 PM04:14 PM
03:56 PM04:01 PM04:05 PM04:11 PM04:14 PM04:16 PM04:23 PM
04:00 PM04:05 PM04:09 PM04:15 PM04:18 PM04:20 PM04:27 PM
04:05 PM04:10 PM04:14 PM04:20 PM04:23 PM04:25 PM04:32 PM
04:10 PM04:15 PM04:19 PM04:25 PM04:28 PM04:30 PM04:37 PM
04:15 PM04:20 PM04:24 PM04:30 PM04:33 PM04:35 PM04:42 PM
04:20 PM04:25 PM04:29 PM04:35 PM04:38 PM04:40 PM04:47 PM
04:25 PM04:30 PM04:34 PM04:40 PM04:43 PM04:45 PM04:52 PM
04:30 PM04:35 PM04:39 PM04:45 PM04:48 PM04:50 PM04:57 PM
04:35 PM04:40 PM04:44 PM04:51 PM04:54 PM04:56 PM05:03 PM
04:40 PM04:45 PM04:49 PM04:56 PM04:59 PM05:01 PM05:08 PM
04:45 PM04:50 PM04:54 PM05:01 PM05:04 PM05:06 PM05:13 PM
04:50 PM04:55 PM04:59 PM05:06 PM05:09 PM05:11 PM05:18 PM
04:55 PM05:00 PM05:04 PM05:11 PM05:14 PM05:16 PM05:23 PM
05:00 PM05:05 PM05:09 PM05:16 PM05:19 PM05:21 PM05:28 PM
05:05 PM05:10 PM05:14 PM05:21 PM05:24 PM05:26 PM05:33 PM
05:10 PM05:15 PM05:19 PM05:26 PM05:29 PM05:31 PM05:38 PM
05:15 PM05:20 PM05:24 PM05:31 PM05:34 PM05:36 PM05:43 PM
05:20 PM05:25 PM05:29 PM05:36 PM05:39 PM05:41 PM05:48 PM
05:25 PM05:30 PM05:34 PM05:41 PM05:44 PM05:46 PM05:53 PM
05:30 PM05:35 PM05:39 PM05:46 PM05:49 PM05:51 PM05:58 PM
05:35 PM05:40 PM05:44 PM05:51 PM05:54 PM05:56 PM06:03 PM
05:40 PM05:45 PM05:49 PM05:56 PM05:59 PM06:01 PM06:08 PM
05:45 PM05:50 PM05:54 PM06:01 PM06:04 PM06:06 PM06:13 PM
05:50 PM05:55 PM05:59 PM06:05 PM06:08 PM06:10 PM06:17 PM
05:55 PM06:00 PM06:03 PM06:09 PM06:12 PM06:14 PM06:21 PM
06:00 PM06:04 PM06:07 PM06:13 PM06:16 PM06:18 PM06:25 PM
06:05 PM06:09 PM06:12 PM06:18 PM06:21 PM06:23 PM06:30 PM
06:10 PM06:14 PM06:17 PM06:23 PM06:26 PM06:28 PM06:35 PM
06:15 PM06:19 PM06:22 PM06:28 PM06:31 PM06:33 PM
06:20 PM06:24 PM06:27 PM06:33 PM06:36 PM06:38 PM06:45 PM
06:25 PM06:29 PM06:32 PM06:38 PM06:41 PM06:43 PM06:49 PM
06:30 PM06:34 PM06:37 PM06:43 PM06:45 PM06:47 PM
06:35 PM06:39 PM06:42 PM06:47 PM06:49 PM06:51 PM06:57 PM
06:40 PM06:44 PM06:47 PM06:52 PM06:54 PM06:56 PM07:02 PM
06:45 PM06:49 PM06:52 PM06:57 PM06:59 PM07:01 PM07:07 PM
06:50 PM06:54 PM06:57 PM07:02 PM07:04 PM07:06 PM
06:53 PM06:57 PM07:00 PM07:05 PM07:07 PM07:09 PM
06:57 PM07:01 PM07:04 PM07:09 PM07:11 PM07:13 PM
06:58 PM07:02 PM07:05 PM07:10 PM07:12 PM07:14 PM07:20 PM
07:04 PM07:08 PM07:11 PM07:16 PM07:18 PM07:20 PM
07:10 PM07:14 PM07:17 PM07:22 PM07:24 PM07:26 PM
07:16 PM07:20 PM07:23 PM07:28 PM07:30 PM07:32 PM07:38 PM
07:22 PM07:26 PM07:29 PM07:34 PM07:36 PM07:38 PM
07:29 PM07:33 PM07:36 PM07:41 PM07:43 PM07:45 PM07:51 PM
07:36 PM07:40 PM07:43 PM07:48 PM07:50 PM07:52 PM07:58 PM
07:45 PM07:49 PM07:52 PM07:57 PM07:59 PM08:01 PM
07:54 PM07:58 PM08:01 PM08:06 PM08:08 PM08:10 PM08:16 PM
08:06 PM08:10 PM08:13 PM08:17 PM08:19 PM08:21 PM
08:20 PM08:24 PM08:27 PM08:31 PM08:33 PM08:35 PM08:40 PM
08:33 PM08:37 PM08:40 PM08:44 PM08:46 PM08:48 PM
08:50 PM08:54 PM08:57 PM09:01 PM09:03 PM09:05 PM09:09 PM
09:15 PM09:19 PM09:22 PM09:26 PM09:28 PM09:30 PM09:35 PM
09:40 PM09:44 PM09:47 PM09:51 PM09:53 PM09:55 PM10:00 PM
10:00 PM10:04 PM10:07 PM10:11 PM10:13 PM10:15 PM10:20 PM
10:25 PM10:29 PM10:32 PM10:36 PM10:38 PM10:40 PM10:45 PM
10:50 PM10:54 PM10:57 PM11:01 PM11:03 PM11:05 PM11:10 PM
11:15 PM11:19 PM11:22 PM11:26 PM11:28 PM11:30 PM11:34 PM
11:35 PM11:38 PM11:41 PM11:45 PM11:47 PM11:49 PM11:53 PM
12:00 AM12:03 AM12:06 AM12:10 AM12:12 AM12:14 AM12:18 AM
12:20 AM12:23 AM12:26 AM12:30 AM12:32 AM12:34 AM
12:40 AM12:43 AM12:46 AM12:50 AM12:52 AM12:54 AM12:58 AM
01:20 AM01:23 AM01:25 AM01:29 AM01:31 AM01:32 AM

73 - Waverley Sq. - Harvard Station via Trapelo Road

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