UPDATE: Commuter Rail back to full service on March 30th. For schedules, please visit www.mbta.com/winter/severe_weather/     more >




UPDATE: Commuter Rail back to full service on March 30th. For schedules, please visit www.mbta.com/winter/severe_weather/     more >


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Fitchburg/South Acton Line - North Station : Saturday Effective 08/04/14

Train Number  1400AM 1402AM 1404AM 1452PM 1408PM 1454PM 1412PM 1414PM
Fitchburg06:4509:1510:45 02:10 05:3009:45
North Leominster06:5309:2310:53 02:18 05:3809:52
Shirley07:01F09:31F11:01F 02:26F 05:46F10:00F
Ayer07:0609:3611:06 02:31 05:5110:06
Littleton / Rte 49507:1409:4411:1402:0002:3905:3005:5910:14
South Acton07:2309:5311:2302:0902:4805:3906:0810:23
West Concord07:28F09:58F11:28F02:14F02:53F05:44F06:13F10:28F
Kendal Green07:43F10:13F11:43F02:29F03:08F05:59F06:28F10:43F
Brandeis/ Roberts07:46F10:16F11:46F02:32F03:11F06:02F06:31F10:47F
Porter Square08:0310:3312:0302:4903:2806:1906:4811:03
North Station08:1310:4312:1302:5903:3806:2906:5811:12


Fitchburg/South Acton Line


F Indicates that the train stops to discharge passengers on notice to the Conductor and to pick up passengers on platform visible to Engineer.

Shaded area indicates peak hour trains.

Times shown in this schedule are train departure times; customers are asked to arrive at the station platform in time for a prompt departure.

Service ChangeService Change

Weekday Service recovery will take place in 4 stages, with updates to various lines on 3/2, 3/9, 3/23 and the resumption of full service on 3/30. Weekend schedules remain in full service with no changes.

Fairmount – Additional service from 3/23
Fitchburg – Additional service from 3/23
Framingham/Worcester – Additional service from 3/23
Franklin – Additional service from 3/23
Haverhill – Additional service from 3/23
Lowell – Additional service from 3/23
Middleborough/Lakeville (Old Colony) – Additional service from 3/23
Newbury/Rockport – Additional service from 3/23
Providence/Stoughton – Additional service from 3/23

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Holiday Schedule Information

  • Saturday Service on President's Day, and 4th of July
    • 4th of July: train #1415 may be held for 30 minutes after the conclusion fireworks
  • Sunday Service on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day
  • All other holidays regular service is provided.
  • Consult the Transit Updates page or Call Customer Service at (617) 222-3200 for any extra service that may be provided.
  • Bikes are allowed except the following during:
    • Weekday peak hours trains (shaded columns)
    • New Years Eve and 4th of July between 10 AM and 6 PM Inbound and after 4 PM Outbound.
  • Folding bicycles, when folded, are allowed on all trains at all times.