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Haverhill Line - North Station : Weekday Effective 12/14/15

Train Number  200AM202AM204AM206AM260AM262AM208AM264AM210AM266AM212AM214PM216PM268PM218PM270PM220PM272PM274PM222PM276PM224PM278PM226PM
Haverhill05:0505:3806:1006:46  07:30 09:05 09:4412:00  02:40 04:30  06:09 08:25 10:15
Bradford05:0805:4106:1306:49  07:33 09:08 09:54F12:03F  02:43F 04:33F  06:19 08:28F 10:18F
Lawrence05:1905:5206:2407:00  07:44 09:19 10:1412:14  02:54 04:44  06:39 08:39F 10:29F
Andover05:2405:5706:2907:06  07:51 09:24 10:1912:1901:25 02:59 04:49F  06:44F 08:44F 10:34F
Ballardvale05:30F06:0306:3507:12  07:57 09:29F 10:25F12:25F01:31 03:05F 04:55F  06:50F 08:50 10:40F
North Wilmington05:37F06:1106:43     09:37F 10:32F12:32F  03:12      08:57 10:47F
Wilmington   07:22  08:07     01:42      07:00    
Anderson/ Woburn      08:12     01:48   05:11F  07:04    
Reading05:4406:1906:51 07:3008:00 08:3009:4410:0510:3912:39 03:0003:1904:32 05:3506:38 08:0009:0410:1410:54
Greenwood05:53F06:2807:00LOW07:3908:09LOW08:3909:5310:14F10:48F12:48FLOW03:08F03:28F LOW05:4306:47FLOW08:08F09:12F10:22F11:02F
Melrose Highlands05:5506:3007:03 07:4208:12 08:4209:5510:1610:5012:50 03:1003:3004:41F 05:4506:49F 08:10F09:14F10:24F11:04F
Melrose Cedar Park05:5706:3207:05 07:4408:14 08:4409:5710:18F10:52F12:52F 03:12F03:32F  05:4706:51F 08:12F09:16F10:26F11:06F
Wyoming Hill05:5906:3407:07 07:4608:16 08:4609:5910:20F10:54F12:54F 03:14F03:34F  05:4906:53F 08:14F09:18F10:28F11:08F
Malden Center06:0206:3807:11 07:5008:20 08:5010:0310:2410:5812:58 03:1803:3804:47 05:5306:57 08:1709:2210:3111:12
North Station06:1406:5007:2507:4808:0008:3008:3909:0010:1410:3511:0901:0902:1203:2903:4904:5805:3206:0407:0807:2508:2809:3310:4211:23


Haverhill Line


F Indicates that the train stops to discharge passengers on notice to the Conductor and to pick up passengers on platform visible to Engineer.

Shaded area indicates peak hour trains.

Times shown in this schedule are train departure times; customers are asked to arrive at the station platform in time for a prompt departure.

Bradford:Trains 201, 205, 209, 211, 215, 217, 219, 221, 223, 225, and 227 may leave Bradford ahead of schedule.

Malden Center: All weekday inbound trains may leave Malden Center ahead of schedule.

Trains 203, 213, 212, and 222: will be bused between Bradford and Haverhill Stations.

VIA LOW operates via the Lowell line between Wilmington and North Station. See the Lowell Line Schedule for all stops.

Severe Weather:

  • When nofified, trains will operate on Severe Weather schedule.
  • Please expect a 15 to 25 minute additional trip time on operating trains.
  • Express trains may make additional stops when directed.
Extreme weather:
  • In case of “Extreme” weather events, specific schedules may be adopted.
  • Those will be displayed on, in Boston Stations and available via Twitter @mbta_CR.
  • Listen to media reports for Commuter Rail Traffic Information prior to your trip
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Holiday Schedule Information

  • Saturday Service on President's Day, and 4th of July
    • 4th of July: train #1225 may be held for 30 minutes after the conclusion of the fireworks
  • Sunday Service on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day
  • All other holidays regular service is provided.
  • Consult the Transit Updates page or Call Customer Service at (617) 222-3200 for any extra service that may be provided.
  • Bikes are allowed except the following during:
    • Weekday peak hours trains (shaded columns)
    • New Years Eve and 4th of July between 10 AM and 6 PM Inbound and after 4 PM Outbound.
  • Folding bicycles, when folded, are allowed on all trains at all times.