Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for the Professional Standards and Training Units and for coordinating various elements of the hiring and promotion process, including equal employment opportunity and affirmative action (EEO/AA) activities. It is also responsible for career enhancement programs and control of Department-owned property.

Court Case Management

The Court Case Management Unit is responsible for the preparation and application of criminal complaints, tracking and scheduling trials and hearings, procuring and distributing warrants, summonses and subpoenas, and administering all other court related activities.

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Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Unit ensures that the integrity of the Department is not compromised by the misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance of any employee of the MBTA Transit Police Department. Responsibilities include logging and monitoring all citizen complaints, conducting investigations of alleged criminal complaints against Police Officers, including civil rights violations, and oversight responsibilities on disciplinary issues to monitor adverse impact.

Background Investigations

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for conducting candidate screening processes. The Criminal Investigations Unit provides support for background investigations, as needed.

Training Unit

The Training Unit is responsible for coordinating various career enhancement programs (training, career development and performance evaluation programs) and the Transit Police Academy . It oversees the certified Instructors who are responsible for providing training for new and in-service Police Officers.

Recruitment and Promotion

The Recruitment and Promotion function ensures coordination of the Department's activities concerning recruitment, selection and promotion of personnel. Responsibilities include working with the Massachusetts Human Resources Division (HRD) regarding civil service employment.

MBTA Transit Police Academy

The MBTA Transit Police Academy has earned a reputation for producing the finest police officers in the state.  This reputation has been built through dedication and commitment.  The MBTA Transit Police Academy opened in 1998 and has graduated more than 1,000 police officers.  It is structured  and approved by the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) guidelines as mandated by MGL C. 41 s. 96B. The basic curriculum for police student officers is an 800 hour training and education program founded on four basic principles:  integrity, the law, fitness and community/neighborhood policing. The MBTA Transit Police Academy instructs recruits for an additional 240 hours with an emphasis on community policing and juvenile interactions.  See More