Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Division is responsible for investigating all crimes and serious accidents that occur on MBTA property and conveyances. This includes all MBTA buses, the subway system, commuter rail lines, and commuter boats.

Criminal Investigation Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating crimes and incidents that occur on MBTA property and within MBTA Transit Police jurisdiction, including commuter rail incidents. The Unit conducts all death investigations in conjunction with the District Attorneys' Offices and has primary jurisdiction for all criminal acts perpetrated on the MBTA Transit System. The Unit is supported in its mission by Crime Scene Services. Additionally, the Criminal Investigations Unit works in close partnership with the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force and numerous other federal, state, and local agencies on various investigative initiatives.

Crime Scene Services

Crime Scene Services is responsible for processing all crime scenes. Detectives assigned to this Unit recover latent fingerprints, sketch and photograph crime scenes, and recover physical evidence for scientific processing and prosecution. The Unit is responsible for processing all CCTV forensic video evidence for criminal investigations. Crime Scene Services also provides specialized crash reconstruction services for serious accidents that involve MBTA vehicles. The Unit works closely with the MBTA Safety and Transportation Departments. Detectives assigned to Crime Scene Services also serve as a liaison for all Hazardous Material incidents. See More

Juvenile Services

The Department's Juvenile Detectives are responsible for coordinating the interaction and handling of juvenile offenders, their parents or guardians, and juvenile enforcement programs. The Juvenile Detectives also participate in community outreach efforts toward juveniles. Read More

Stopwatch Program

The StopWatch Program is a collaborative program under the leadership of MBTA Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green who strongly supports the Department’s commitment to working effectively with youth. This is accomplished by using skillful, respectful interventions into situations of potential disorder, by officers in a manner that will maintain the confidence of the community and the respect of youth. The program is designed to “Stop” and “Watch” the behavior of students on their way to and from school or to school-related functions while they wait for trains and buses. The mission of StopWatch is to build a collaboration of caring adults in the law enforcement and youth advocacy communities. This is done by positively interacting with the 40,000+ students who use public transportation daily to attend school. See More

Anti-Corruption Unit

The Anti-Corruption Unit is responsible for internal security investigations within the Authority, with particular attention focused on revenue security. They are also responsible for the investigation of all MBTA employee-related criminal activity (excluding MBTA Transit Police employees). Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of their activities and investigations, personnel assigned to this function will report solely and directly to the Investigative Services Division Commander.

Special Crimes Unit

The Special Crimes Unit is responsible for all drug, graffiti, and vice investigations for the Department. The Unit also conducts, and serves as a conduit for, all investigations concerning terrorism and homeland security involving the MBTA.