Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I report a suspicious package or an abandoned suitcase that does not look right?

A: We encourage our passengers to report any kind of suspicious incident by calling 617-222-1212, the MBTA Transit Police Emergency line. For further information on suspicious incidents, click here.

Q: How do I become an MBTA Transit Police Officer?

A: The MBTA Transit Police department is a civil service department and the first step is to take the Massachusetts Civil Service Entry Level Police Officer Exam. The MBTA Transit Police Department can be selected as one of the applicant’s choices. Further information can be found here

Q: Whom do I contact with questions regarding Parking Tickets?

A: All questions regarding parking tickets should be directed to the Parking Clerk, George Selados. He can be reached at 617-222-1130.

Q: Do I need a permit to take pictures on the MBTA?

A: A permit is not required to take pictures on the MBTA if it is for non-commercial use. For commercial-use photography on the MBTA, please contact:

Q: Where can I find information on the MBTA Photography Policy?

A: The MBTA Photography Policy can be found here.

Q: Is smoking allowed in the outdoor areas of the MBTA?

A: Smoking is strictly prohibited on all MBTA vehicles and property, including outdoor areas. Violations are subject to enforcement by Transit Police Officers, who have the authority to issue citations for anyone smoking on MBTA property. Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 272, Section 43A

Q: What are the Transit Police Use of Force Policies?

A: These are the Use of Force policies, Standards of Conduct policy and Use of Force Complaint policy, and the Internal Affairs and Citizen Complaints Investigations.

Q: Where can I make a Citizens Complaint or Officer Commendation?

A: You can make a written complaint or commendation at Transit Policy Headquarters at 240 Southampton St., Boston or you can complete the Complaint/Commendation form and email it to

Q: How is the Transit Police organized?

A: Please see the Transit Police organizational chart here.  

MBTA Transit Police Department 
240 Southampton Street
Boston, MA 02118

Office of the Chief:
Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 
617-222-1200 TTY
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