Transit Police Service Areas

Transit Police Service Area (TPSA) 4


Transit Police Service Area (TPSA) 4 is located at the Roxbury Crossing Station on Tremont Street in Roxbury and is under the command of Lieutenant Commander Stephen Salisbury.  TPSA 4 Sergeants and Officers patrol Southwest Massachusetts.  They patrol and respond to calls at the following subway stations: Mass Ave, Ruggles, Roxbury Crossing, Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Green Street and Forest Hills.  They are also responsible for the B, C, D and E Green Lines.  They respond to all bus and commuter rail calls in this area.

If you have an emergency in this area immediately dial 617-222-1212 or 9-1-1.  If you would like to report any other incident or concern please call 617-222-1222 and a Transit Police Officer will assist you.

Please forward any suggestions or comments concerning this area to Lieutenant Commander Stephen Salisbury at or call him directly at 617-222-6194.

TPSA 4 Map