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Department History

Under Chapter 664 of the Acts of 1968, enabling legislation was signed into law to create a cross jurisdictional department that could police the MBTA’s growing transportation network. Today, decades later, the MBTA Transit Police Department continues to fulfill that mission.

The MBTA Transit Police Department was established to protect the lives and safety of MBTA patrons, MBTA employees and the public in general. Additional responsibilities include the prevention and investigation of internal security issues, including employee theft and contract / vendor fraud. The Department is also charged with the protection of MBTA property and revenue.

Examples of MBTA Transit Police Department services include criminal investigation, crime analysis, detective services, field training, K-9, special operations, community services, prosecution, and explosive detection. The Department also operates a Municipal Police Training Committee certified police training academy. The Academy is responsible for training MBTA Transit Police Officers in addition to officers from other agencies.

At its inception in 1968, the original MBTA Transit Police Department was comprised of 35 officers working out of a one-room office at Dudley Station terminal. Since then, the MBTA Transit Police Department has grown to become the fifth largest police department in the state of Massachusetts, providing a range of law enforcement services 24 hours a day.

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