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Provider Options Pilot

The MBTA is now offering the Provider Options Pilot (POP), which lets RIDE customers sign up to have their trips served by Lyft, a ridesharing company, and Curb, a taxi network company.

If you choose to enroll in POP, you will continue to call TRAC to make trip reservations. The RIDE’s software will then decide whether your trip will be fulfilled by a traditional RIDE service provider, or by Lyft or Curb. Customers receiving service from Lyft or Curb will receive notification on the day of travel.

By joining POP, you may get:

  • More direct trip routes
  • Reduced travel times

Your fare will be the same as a regular RIDE trip ($3.35 or $5.60, depending on whether it is a standard or premium trip). Additional key details:

  • Participation in POP does not guarantee that any particular RIDE request will be fulfilled by Lyft or Curb.
  • You are free to opt in to receive service from only 1 of these providers.
  • Participation is free, and it has no impact on your eligibility for The RIDE or any other pilot program, such as the On-Demand Paratransit Pilot with Uber, Lyft, and Curb.
  • Wheelchair-accessible vehicles will be available for POP trips, and customers who use wheelchair-accessible vehicles are welcome to participate.

Please note that Lyft and Curb do not provide ADA paratransit-level accommodations. This means that you should expect:

  • That drivers may not have special training in transporting passengers with disabilities, though drivers of wheelchair-accessible vehicles will be trained in wheelchair securement.
  • There is no guarantee that drivers will provide assistance getting to or from the vehicle to your doorstep, or that they will help carry your belongings (though, as with all Lyft and taxi drivers, you may ask for reasonable assistance loading and unloading luggage and mobility devices).
  • Drivers will not know whether customers must be met at the end of their trip by personal care assistants, friends, or family.

    Opt out of POP at any time by emailing

    More Information

    For questions about POP, or if you have signed up for POP but would like to opt out, email