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Service Change Ongoing
MBTA service levels have been increased in the interest of the health and safety of our riders and employees. All riders must use face coverings when on the MBTA. More:

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Learn more about The RIDE, MBTA’s door-to-door, shared-ride paratransit service.

Customer Support

What to Do if Your Driver Doesn't Arrive

Please allow 15 minutes past your scheduled pick-up time for your driver to arrive. Don’t leave your pick-up point within this timeframe.

If your driver hasn’t arrived after 15 minutes, please call The RIDE Access Center (TRAC) at 844-427-7433. They will locate your driver and can estimate their time of arrival. 

What to Do if You Don't Get a Callback

TRAC will call with your next day trip information between 6 PM and 9 PM the night before. If you don’t get a call by 9 PM, call TRAC to make sure your trip has been scheduled.

Submit Feedback about The RIDE

The RIDE welcomes your suggestions, compliments, and complaints.


Customer Support: Send a message on our website


617-222-3200 (voice/relay)
800-392-6100 (toll free)

Write to us

10 Park Plaza
Room 5750
Boston, MA 02116

If you submit a complaint, The RIDE will investigate it and respond.

The MBTA will not tolerate retaliation toward or intimidation of a RIDE customer for filing a complaint or concern of any kind. If you feel you have been subjected to retaliation or intimidation, contact the MBTA immediately.

Appealing a No-show, Late Cancellation, or Suspension

If you’re not at your RIDE pick-up point within 5 minutes of the driver’s arrival, your trip will be considered a no-show. If you cancel your trip less than 1 hour before the scheduled pick-up time, it’s considered a late cancellation.

Excessive late cancellations or no-shows may result in the suspension of your RIDE service. Please visit our policies page for more information, or download the full no-show/late cancellation policy.

If you disagree with the MBTA’s assessment of a no-show, late cancellation, or suspension, you can appeal. The form must be postmarked within 30 days of the date the warning notice was issued.

If you file a notice of intent to appeal and you’re facing suspension, the suspension won’t take effect until after your case has been decided.

Please fill out the form completely and follow all of the instructions. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The appeals board will notify you in writing of its decision. If the board uphold a suspension, start and end dates will be given. The decision of the Paratransit Appeals Board is final.

Contact The RIDE

the ride The RIDE Main Office

Contact our main office if you have general questions about the program.



617-222-5123 (voice, relay)

the ride The RIDE Eligibility Center (TREC)

Contact TREC if you have questions about eligibility.


617-337-2727 (voice, relay)


1000 Massachusetts Avenue
2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02118

the ride The RIDE Access Center (TRAC)

Contact TRAC if you want to make reservations, have questions about scheduling, or need to speak to dispatch.




If you have an emergency, please contact the Transit Police at 617-222-1212 (voice, relay) or 617-222-1200 (TTY).