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Travel Instructions

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Use the following resources to plan a fully accessible trip on the MBTA.

A woman helps two elderly riders purchase tickets at a commuter rail station

The MBTA offers a variety of free travel instruction services to help seniors and people with disabilities travel independently on the bus, train, and Commuter Rail. All services are available in person or digitally (via Zoom) upon request.

Travel Instruction Services

We offer three types of training to help travelers learn more about the following:

  • General safety on the system
  • Planning trips
  • Reading T schedules and maps
  • Boarding and exiting trains and buses
  • Buying regular or reduced fare CharlieCards
  • Customer and operator responsibilities
  • Accessing information about T services online and with apps

Transit Access 101

This two-and-a-half-hour class covers basics about how to use our system. It's held at the MBTA’s training facility near Broadway Station on the Red Line. Each class has room for 15 participants.

Upon request, this training can be held at schools or senior centers.

We offer two Transit Access 101 trainings—one for seniors and people with disabilities, and one for people who are blind or have low vision.

Small Group Training

Small group training is similar to Transit Access 101, but includes an onsite visit from a professional trainer.

Classes are flexible and can be customized to focus on getting to and from particular destinations on the bus, subway, or Commuter Rail.

Personalized Travel Training

This one-on-one training can be customized to teach an individual how to get to a particular destination within the MBTA service area.

Trainers travel directly to participants’ homes and ride along on actual trips.

Resources for Riders

Video Trainings

Self-paced, on-demand webinar for older adults:

Self-paced, on-demand webinar for individuals with disabilities:

Short instructional video on how to plan your trip:

Short instructional video on how to ask for assistance:

Short instructional video on how to cross the Green Line tracks:

Short instructional video on how to ride the bus:

Short instructional video on how to ride the subway:

Travel Training Flyers

If you would like to view, download, or print a PDF summary of our Travel Instruction Program, please click on one of the links below:

Driving Retirement

Our riders can save over $5,000 per year in transportation costs by giving up driving their cars—but not giving up mobility—and riding the T. 

Graphic titled features a bus in left column and a car in right column. Public Transit includes cost of public transit on the T ($3,000 per year) includes MBTA senior monthly pass, COA van service (10 roundtrips), Uber/Lyft/taxi (10 roundtrips) and volunteer driver service. Operating cost of driving in metro Boston ($8,214 per year) includes fuel, maintenance, insurance, license, registration, tax, depreciation, and finance charges. Savings of $5,214 annually, or $425 per month.
Calculations are based on owning a medium-sized sedan and driving it 10,000 miles per year (Source: Your Driving Costs 2021, American Automobile Association) 

View a flyer showing the graphic above

View a text-only version of the flyer 

If you’re thinking about retiring from driving, the Shifting Gears webinar created by the Registry of Motor Vehicles can help you make a plan.

View the Shifting Gears webinar

Resources for Educators

If you are an educator interested in starting a travel training program at your own school or agency, view our collection of free downloadable resources:

View travel training resources

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact MBTA Travel Training at 617-337-2756 or Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for training updates.