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Youth Pass Terms and Conditions

Privacy Notice

Your participation in one of the MBTA’s reduced fare programs is administered in accordance with the MBTA’s Privacy Policy, including all other aspects of data collection, storage, and use in connection with the Youth Pass Program.

People participating in a reduced fare program will be asked to provide personal information in connection with the purchase and registration of Electronic Fare Media, and our determination of eligibility for the respective program. We will use this information to provide the reduced fare program and ensure compliance with eligibility requirements for the respective program.

We are taking extra precautions to protect your personal data. The online form that you are using to submit your application is set up so that your data is sent directly to a secure server environment that uses a firewall, and other advanced technology, to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

Terms of Use

Participants may not allow anyone else to use their Youth Pass CharlieCard. The MBTA may inspect Youth Pass CharlieCards at any time. Lost cards must immediately be reported to the city/town/nonprofit office from which you obtained your card.

An unauthorized person using a Youth Pass CharlieCard may be subject to criminal/civil penalties under the law. Additionally, Participants may be disqualified or suspended from participating in the Youth Pass Program for allowing unauthorized use of their cards.


By signing this application, a Participant, for themselves and on behalf of their heirs and assigns, releases the MBTA entities from all claims arising out of the collection, storage, and use of information, including personally identifiable and sensitive information, that Participant provides or that is collected about the Participant in connection with the Youth Pass Program.


I affirm under penalty of perjury that all statements made on this application, which the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority relies on to determine my eligibility status, is true and complete. I have read and understood all the information contained in this application. I understand that all statements made in this application may be subject to investigation and verification and that a material misstatement or fraud will disqualify me for reduced fare privileges.

I understand that my Youth Pass CharlieCard is only for my use and may not be given or sold to anyone else. If the MTBA should find that I have not followed the Youth Pass Rules and Conditions of Use, I understand that my Youth Pass CharlieCard will be deactivated and I will not be eligible to reapply for the reduced fare program.

By signing this application, I acknowledge that I have:

  1. Read the Youth Pass Rules and Conditions of Use, and
  2. Accept and agree to be bound by such rules and conditions of use.